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Reef Loretto

Gray, oh the gray sound of snow falling to the tips of the trees,
Gray, when you wake up and listen to the stillness of darkness all around you,
Gray, the smoke whirling out of a chimney onto the frosty treetops,
Gray, oh the grayness of your mind walking down the street alone, all alone,
Gray, the color of your skin freezing in the silent snow
Gray, the minds of students listening to the teacher blabbing about something they already know,
Gray, when you are in the car waiting and waiting for something that you’ve dreaded since the year before,
Gray, home all alone, grounded with everyone gone,
Grey, the darkness it brings.

Editor's note: Reef's father, Tom, says: "this is the poem that earned Reef a big fat 'C', from his 5th grade teacher. Perhaps it was the reference to the teacher that talks on and on about material they 'already know', that bothered her. I don't know. But I think it's pretty darned good. And I can be pretty hard on the kid."

Doodle by John Schilling.

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