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Peter Schilling Jr.

One of the very best things about Loafer's Magazine is hearing from friends. When we last ran Loafer's, some seven years prior to the last issue, Andy and I really dug getting letters and poems and photos, anything at all, from people who should, by all rights, fallen off the face of our planet. Many of those friendships kept on, even after Loafer's ceased to be.

Others did not. Life moves on as we stretch ourselves across the country and the world. But with the advent of the Internet, the new Loafer's did what I hoped: gather back some of the flock.

Consider the case of Jon Pyle. Pyle, my old roomie from Michigan State, vanished right after friends John Lund and Karin Fodness got married. Of course, he didn't vanish in the face-on-the-milkcarton way, he just moved on, living in Montana or Wyoming, wherever the snowboarding was good. This is partially what I imagined, and partially what came true: for some eight years after I'd last heard from him came an email that read "Poof! As if from nowhere he reappears!" He reappears thanks to the Loaf, with good news of being married, but the bad news of trying to figure out why it's Constitutional for the Taos ski area to prohibit snowboarding.

One of Jon's difficulties in trying to reach his old friends (Lundo was another roommate) lies in the fact that you can't Google "Peter Schilling" without surfing the garbage-choked waves of the man who made "Major Tom". Nor could you Goog "Lund" without checking out the expensive goods of the boating company. But Loafer's leads right to us.

Since the last issue, we've received emails from a number of people, inquiring about this person or that whose name was on the Loaferlist of past contributors. One was a young man whose work appeared as a child in the original pages—he didn't know he'd ever been in print. Others were unfortunate dead-ends: the name in the new Loaf wasn't the person they wanted. Sometimes the message in the bottle doesn't reach anyone.

If there's one thing that I enjoy about this now-crass holiday season is gathering with the people I love so much but don't see enough of. Loafer's is a strong part of that feeling. As usual, we don't get this damned rag out nearly as often as we'd like (nor do our contributors feel compelled to get the stuff to us in a timely manner), but at least we get it out. Andy and I hope you enjoy it… whoever you are.

Elf drawing by Steve Willis; Gut wrapping and doodle by John Schilling.

Loafer's Magazine

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#14 Holiday 2005

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